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NIMEDA Handschuhe aus Nitril sind ideal für die Medizinbranche, Labore, Industrie und Tattoo-Studios. Sie bieten zuverlässigen Schutz, sind strapazierfähig und haben einen hervorragenden Grip. Erhöhen Sie jetzt die Sicherheit und Effizienz Ihres Unternehmens mit den Schutzhandschuhen von NIMEDA!

Ab 2,55€ Blaue Handschuhe

Perfekt geeignet für den medizinischen Bereich

Ab 6,25€ Orange Grip-Handschuhe

Diamantentextur für den handwerklichen Bereich

Ab 2,55€ Schwarze Handschuhe

Schwarze, neutrale Handschuhe

Perfect for the medical sector

Nitrile gloves - Blue

To the product

Diamond texture for the craft sector

Orange grip gloves

To the product

Neutral gloves suitable for cosmetic studios, tattoo studios etc.

Black gloves

To the product


Our products for all industries

NIMEDA nitrile gloves are ideal for the medical sector, laboratories, industry and tattoo studios. They offer reliable protection, are durable and have excellent grip. Increase the safety and efficiency of your company now with protective gloves from NIMEDA!


Why nitrile gloves?

Nitrile gloves are made from synthetic material. They are used in many work areas and industries. Due to their resistance to chemicals, oils and fats, they are ideal for use in the following facilities:

- Laboratories

- medical institutions

- Industrial facilities

Thanks to their latex-free production, nitrile gloves are ideal for allergy sufferers. The high puncture resistance minimizes the risk of injuries from sharp objects.


Nitrile and latex gloves - the differences

Nitrile and latex gloves differ in several aspects. Nitrile gloves are more resistant to punctures, tears and chemicals.

They are perfect for allergy sufferers as they are made without latex. This also protects new employees who do not know whether they are allergic to latex.

Protect yourself and your team against injuries and illnesses with nitrile gloves from NIMEDA!


Nitrile and latex gloves - the differences

Nitrile gloves are more durable, more tear-resistant and offer better protection against chemicals and microorganisms than vinyl gloves.

Nitrile gloves also offer better fit, dexterity and comfort. They are therefore a reliable and high-quality solution in various areas of application:

- Medicine

- Laboratory

- Cosmetics

- Crafts

Order nitrile gloves from NIMEDA now for optimal protection and comfort during your work!

Medizinische Fachkraft sitzt am Computer
Medizinische Fachkraft sitzt am Computer

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